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2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Preview

By Harry Schofield:

The Final Race of the 2019 Formula 1 World Championship is in Abu Dhabi this weekend.

This Weekends Grand Prix is set at the Yas Marina , which is a 21 turn 3.451 mile Circuit, which has hosted a Grand Prix since 2009.

After 55 laps on Sunday the 2019 season will be over .

Ferrari was left red faced after the Grand Prix in Brazil, where both Sebastian and Charles took each other off.

Red Bull with Max Verstappen and a good Power unit by Honda  the last race of the season will hopefully show what we will have to wait all over the winter to see in the 2020 season.

Mixed emoits are from the 2019 season, yes Lewis Hamilton won his 6th title but did we see anything that we have not already over the years ?

Max and Charles are the sports new blood and people want racing and wheel to wheel action, remember Mansell and Senna the good days?

No mention of DRS, Hybrid units, it was pure racing no politics .

Formula 1 has the power to dictate how it goes racing but have they really listened to the fans for the 2021 regulations , its very debatable.

With the Ferrari Driver Sebastian Vettel saying bring back the “F*****G V12’s when his Ferrari failed that must tell the sport something?

Over the winter Racing Questions will look into the new regulations and review the 2019 season in detail .

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