Racing Questions

Bahrain Debrief

Winners and losers from the weekend

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By Harry Schofield

Ferrari on Saturday looked like they had the race in the bag, but over doing the engine limits in qualifying clearly hurt Charles car, cost him his first Formula 1 race victory.

Sebastian Vettel I do question his focus and his long term motivation, its clear to see from Sundays race, the wheel to wheel combat with Lewis Hamilton Vettel immediately becomes pressured.

We have seen this last year, Ferrari is a totally different beast to Red Bull, Ferrari if you Loose the whole of Italy looses with you and questions are deployed your way immediately.

Racing Questions

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Red Bull under Christians leadership was a totally different affair, more relaxed “that's racing” this is not how Vettel imagined his last few years in Formula 1 and with Mick Schumacher a whisper away from the top of the testing time sheets Sebastian must be feeling the pressure more now than at any other time .  

Max Verstappen enjoys a relaxed atmosphere with the Red Bull team in Bahrain Pic Credit: Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool ©