Racing Questions

Ferrari’s lack of race pace in the Australian Grand Prix caused much surprise among the paddock.

Not a podium to show for all the hard work the Ferrari  team  put in over the winter,

Bahrain will be no excuse, its a fair playing field, unlike Australia and the test in Barcelona there will always be doubts.

This weekend will finally show what real pace Ferrari have.

Preview Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

By Harry Schofield

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29th  March Practice 1

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29th  March Practice 2



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31st March

Grand Prix



All this weekends action will be Live and Exclusive on Sky Sports F1

Australia for all of is was a big surprise, pre season testing did not match the race pace and left serious questions to be asked at Ferrari.

This weekends race will see what true pace the Ferrari has against the Mercedes and will also see if Valterri can keep Lewis within his sights for the race and qualifying.

Red Bull will have Max fighting for a win this weekend and the strength of the Honda Engines in Melbourne was a massive boost for the engine supplier, now they must keep the momentum and development throughout the year

With Zak Brown from Mclaren being very public about   a strong possibility of leaving Formula 1, is this just a bargaining tool for more prize money ?

Ferrari has always had the biggest share of the prize fund and Ron Dennis was also like Zak he never liked the idea and still in 2019 the same argument lives on .

Bernie Eccelstone I can see somewhere in the background of all of this, I don't believe for 1 minute Bernie is a fan of Liberty Media and is waiting for his return.

Liberty has good ideas but Formula 1 cant loose its secrecy, passion, drama the endless amounts of money spent on cars, how will a budget cap ever work, how will it be policed, simply it cant and it will never work .

If a budget cap was brought in, it would be the start of buying customer chassis’s of the shelf, the true drama and development of Formula 1 would be lost .   

Racing Questions

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