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Canadian Grand Prix Preview

By Harry Schofield:

This weekend, the Formula 1 Circus travels to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal.

Tyres continue to be the talking point this season , Pirelli will be bringing the following compounds to  this race:

P Zero White ( Hard)

P Zero Yellow (Medium)

P Zero Red (Soft)

With rain a strong possibility this weekend in Montreal, a Intermediate and Full wet  tyre will become available, (Cinturato Green and the Cinturato Blue)

Mercedes continue to dominate this season, Monaco was particularly difficult for the team, with the sad loss of Niki Lauda.

Strange things happen in Formula 1 and with Lewis Hamilton being heavily criticised by  Niki Lauda’s former team mate, John Watson, because Lewis did not want to attend the Wednesday’s press conference in Monaco, Lewis kept his own way of dealing with such a emotional weekend and did what he did best “let the driving do the talking”.

Ferrari have to out perform Honda and Mercedes.

Honda are  now are on the brink of taking the small advantage Ferrari did have at the beginning of the year and absolutely destroying the Italian team in the remainder of the season.

Every race we say Ferrari now or Never, but Honda will lead and will dominate and have a big chance of overtaking Mercedes with the brilliance of Adrian Newey.

The track is one of the most hardest on Brakes in the Formula 1 Calendar, with temperatures reaching the maximum operating window, the tyres yet again this weekend along with the brakes will continue to cause major issues with the midfield teams.

Excessive brake temperatures transmit through the wheel and brake shrouds, changing the tyre temperatures almost every second, that's what makes strategy on the pit wall crucial this weekend.

This Weekends Sky F1 TV Schedule :

TV Times

On Air


07th  June Practice 1

14 :45


07th  June Practice 2



08th  June Practice 3



08th  June Qualifying



09th June




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