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By Harry Schofield:

Kimi Raikkonen the Ice man of the Formula 1, his unique driving style, personality and all out flat out speed makes him the biggest and best known names in Formula  1 in the modern age.

His days with Ferrari were spectacular but now with Alfa Romeo his pure racing skills have come to light again in so much quality.

No politics no messing Just Kimi and his electric driving style.

People questioned his move to Alfa Romeo Racing but the fans love him and with a fantastic style and character it was the best move for him.

Kimi can drive like he want’s to and the Alfa Romeo team have delivered  him a superb race car and he will continue to push himself and the team to a good 2019 season.

Kimi had pace in his 300th race at Monaco finishing a disappointing 17th position but with major races to go in the season Kimi and the Alfa Romeo team will be pushing  all the way .

Kimi Raikkonen as part of his 300th Race in Monaco Alfa Romeo Racing has supplied us with his reaction from his big race.

Kimi Monaco Sunday English & Finnish (

Click On Kimi For Audio From His 300th Race At Monaco:

Courtesy Of Alfa Romeo Racing.

Racing Questions

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