Racing Questions

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By Harry Schofield:

Max Verstappen has extended his Aston Martin Red Bull Racing contarct until the end of 2023.

The raw talent of the Dutch man is what draws fans and Sponsors alike to the 22 year old .

Formula 1 is getting stronger Max Confirmed with Red Bull and also Charles Leclerc with Ferrari the seasons ahead look very strong indeed.

Christian Horner was overwhelmed with the news explaining "It is fantastic news for the Team to have extended our agreement with Max up-to and including the 2023 season. With the challenge of the 2021 regulation changes on the horizon continuity in as many areas as possible is key. Max has proven what an asset he is to the Team, he truly believes in the partnership we have forged with our engine supplier Honda, and we are delighted to have extended our relationship with him."

Racing Questions

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