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Mick Schumacher will drive the Ferrar1 SF90 and the Alfa Romeo C38 in Next weeks Formaula 1 Test session In Bahrain.

By Harry Schofield

Mick Schumacher the son of the Legandary Michael Schumacher will drive the Ferrari for the first time in Bahrain on the 2nd of April following the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Mick who is already in the Ferrari Driver Academy will also test the Alfa Romeo C38 on Wednesday the 3rd of April .

Mick Schumacher speaking to Ferrari at Maranello on March 26th  “I am obviously more than excited and would like to thank Ferrari for giving me this opportunity. I am really looking forward to what I’m sure will be a great experience. But for the moment, I am consciously putting all thoughts of the test to one side, because I am also very much looking forward to competing in my first F2 race and would like to focus a hundred percent on the weekend to come”.

With a test session for Ferrari, Mick Schumacher has a chance to impress and if he succeeds he could potentially turn Ferrari’s fortune around ?  

Where does this leave Sebastian Vettel ?

With a fantastic history Sebastian has always been the driver to beat.

The lack of wins and the Ferrari teams desire to be on top they will do almost anything to change there fortune.

Replacing Sebastian Vettel with a Schumacher Risk or Victorious ?

I think Mick will be just like his Dad and be quick from the word go and will upset the norm at Ferrari with Sebastian .

All eyes will be on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Bahrain Test.

Racing Questions

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