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Monaco Grand Prix Preview 2019

By Harry Schofield

The Monaco Grand Prix is and always will be the ultimate test of driver skill and car set up, with millimetres of clearance between the barriers, it is one of the hardest tracks to master in the world.

Once you have found the limit, you always want to push more as it becomes a true drivers circuit.

The street circuit is 2.074 miles long and with 19 corners to navigate its the most famous race of the year.

What sets it apart from other street circuits is that the Fairmount corner (Lowes/turn 6) is the slowest on the calendar at just 31mph, its a test for both driver and team as the set up is crucial.

Qualifying is crucial, with so many tight corners, and so little places to overtake, if you get your qualifying wrong your race result is almost set in stone.

As with other street circuits the chance of safety cars is high with lots of crashes so places can be picked up from the carnage that is the Monaco Grand Prix.

Red Bull must take the fight to Mercedes, with Ferrari faltering they have the opportunity to use this to there advantage.

Max will have to ease his aggressive driving style to make sure his Red Bull is barrier free this weekend.

First Practice session is Thursday instead of Friday as its traditional in Monaco .

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