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Rémi Taffin has been involved with Renault since 1999, he is currently Renault’s Formula 1 engine technical director, with overall responsibility for the power unit development at the Viry-Châtillon site. Rémi main task is to ensure his engineers produce the perfect Engine that works with the chassis, which is an incredibly hard task, you can have a engine that produces loads of torque,but must be able to be drivable and be also balanced with the chassis.

Drivability is key as all the new power units have so much torque, with the added involvement of KERS its not just about raw power, delivering the power is a balancing act along with reliability.

Rémi is no stranger to winning in Formula 1, having  worked directly with two world champions, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso.

With two operation facilities Enstone and Viry-Châtillon, Renault is in a strong position to use the key skill sets of both  UK and France technicians.

Renault Engines

Renault E -Tech 19 Technical Specification


Displacement: 1.6L V6

Number of cylinders: 6

Rev Limit: 15,000rpm

Pressure charging: Single turbo charger, unlimited boost pressure (typical 5 bar abs)

Fuel flow limit: 100kg/h

Permited fuel quantity per race: 110kg

Configuration: 90˚ V6

Bore: 80mm

Stroke: 53mm

Crank Height: 90mm

Number of valves :4 per cylinder,24

Fuel:Direct Fuel Injection


MGU-K rpm: Max 50,000rpm

MGU-K power: Max 120kw

Energy recovered by MGU-K; Max2 MJ/lap

Energy released by MGU-K: Max 4 MJ/lap

MGU-H rpm:>100,000 rpm

Energy recovered by MGU-H: unlimited


Weight: min 145kg

Number of power units permitted per driver in 2019: 3 ICE/Turbo/MGUH and 2 MGUK/ES/CU

Total horsepower: More than 950bhp

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