Racing Questions

Russian Grand Prix Preview

Racing Questions

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By Harry Schofield:

After a rather disappointing Grand Prix in Singapore, this weekend the Formula 1 circus arrives in Sochi in Russia.

The 18 turn Sochi Autodrom is a fascinating circuit which demands loads of grip .

The track debuted in 2014 and has a reputation for low degradation , throwing the teams into a possible one stop race set up.

Red Bull and Mercedes continue to worry me, I'm expecting The Red Bull’s to storm off and take the second half of the season with some fantastic wins.

Mercedes have lot momentum and sadly its to do with the loss of Niki Lauda, you can see it in the team its sad to look, but I know the head of Mercedes and Totto miss him with great affection.

They need to regroup and continue to secure both titles in 2019 without focus the Ferrari will develop even more.

Upgrades to the floor and wings last weekend gave Ferrai a massive boost and left Ref Bull and Mercedes with sad faces as they could not see it coming .

Back to back races gives teams little chance to bring upgrades or to more importantly react to what's gone on last race.  

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