Racing Questions

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Racing Questions

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By Harry Schofield :

50 years ago Sir Jackie Stewart clinched his first of his three Formula One World Championships.

It was the Italian Grand Prix in 1969 that he secured the Championship.

Sir Jackie will celebrate this weekend at Monza, he has always been involved in making motor racing safer and with the tragic events of last weekend he will continue to try to improve wherever he can.

With a fantastic record in Formula 1, Sir Jackie Stewart is still actively involved in Formula 1 and is seen at many races through the Formula 1 season .

As The Italian Grand Prix weekend Gets under way Sir Jackie Stewart was asked :The 50th anniversary falls during the Italian Grand Prix at Monza which happens to be the track where you sealed the championship in 1969, how emotional will that weekend be for you?

I’ve always felt emotion is dangerous, but I hope there is a little flush of it at Monza this year. I’m incredibly proud, and fortunate, to have seen the sport grow in prestige as well as from a safety perspective, it’s a wonderful story. To mark the occasion at one of the greatest race tracks in the world where I won my first championship is truly special and I look forward to a weekend full of celebrations.


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