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Martin, already another season is upon us. What can we expect from Formula 1 in 2019? Formula 1 in 2019 is all about change. Due to new aerodynamic regulations introduced to create more overtaking, the cars will look different. Specifically with simplified but wider front wings. Also, only two of the ten teams have an unchanged driver line up, and we have some fearsomely fast and well-prepared young drivers such as George Russell, Lando Norris and Alex Albon joining the grid. Add in returning names such as Robert Kubica and Daniil Kvyat and we have much to talk about.

Formula 1 coverage in 2019 is all change, Its the first year the F1 season is Live and exclusive to Sky Sports.

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Martin Brundle is the new Murray Walker and a national treasure, as part of Sky's team he gives us his thoughts ahead of this weekends first race .

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Sky F1 Coverage, Australian Grand Prix weekend

How much difference will the new rules make? We’ll have to wait and see. Much science and wind tunnel testing has gone into the changes, which are only a taster for much bigger revisions planned for 2021. Some chief designers say we won’t see any difference, others are more confident. That’s the wonderful thing about live sport, we’ll have to tune in to find out. Daniel Ricciardo didn’t have any problems overtaking with the old cars, so they can all learn a lesson from him.

Last year Lewis Hamilton won his fifth World Championship. What makes him so good? Lewis has reached the perfect crossover point of experience, fitness, bravery, confidence, race craft and technical knowledge. He’s also worked out how to get the best out of himself on a personal level under competitive pressure. In the best car that combination has been largely unbeatable

Do you think he’ll end his career as F1’s most successful driver? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he matches or surpasses Michael Schumacher’s high watermark before he leaves the sport.

Onto the teams – how will Ferrari cope after their winter of upheaval? Many of the changes at Ferrari look sensible and, in fact, quite calming to me. They have a unique pressure from their home fans and the media, but providing they hit the sweet spot with the new aero regulations they should be championship contenders once again.

And what about Red Bull? Can they stop Mercedes with Honda power? It’s now or never for Red Bull and Honda over the next couple of seasons. Both companies have nowhere else to go if this partnership doesn’t work. I consider them race winners in 2019 and championship contenders in 2020.

Over at the Ferrari camp, we’re all going to be tuning in to see the internal rivalry between Leclerc and Vettel develop. Does Leclerc have what it takes to top his teammate? Charles Leclerc is the real deal and I expect him to be on the pace from the beginning. He will make errors, and he must weather the pressure, but by season’s end he will match or even surpass his illustrious team mate. If Seb Vettel has another gear, he needs to find it now.

What about Daniel Ricciardo - can he win in 2019 with Renault? Never underestimate Team Enstone or Daniel Ricciardo. Or for that matter his teammate Nico Hulkenberg. Depending on how they have interpreted the new regulations, I believe Renault will significantly reduce the gap between them and the top three of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull. But I’d be surprised if they fully close the previous deficit and move ahead to start winning races. They may steal a race here and there.

How long before McLaren return to the front? I believe McLaren will continue their steady renaissance. But only major changes for 2021 and beyond will give them chance to return to the front.

The new Brits on the block, Lando Norris and George Russell… What can we expect from them this season? Lando and George are the best prepared young drivers ever to enter F1. Neither of them will be in front-running cars but they can still shine by outperforming their cars and teammates… and staying out of the barriers.

Finally, give us one prediction for 2019 With Alonso gone from the grid and Verstappen and many other young drivers in the ascendancy, we are going to be witnessing a change of the guard for F1 drivers in this year.

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