Racing Questions

By Harry Schofield

Williams Formula 1 was the team to drive for in the 80’s and 90’s with the likes of Hill, Mansell and prost to name a few of the famous World Champions.

This years car under the direction of Paddy Lowe (who has now left the Williams team) has been unsatisfactory to say the lease.

The car was late for the first test in Barcelona, valuable testing time was lost and already Williams are on the back foot for the 2019 season.

The car has a huge deficiency in its design, Williams are keeping close to there chest what exact part of the design has the flaws.

Looking at the car as it corners, it looks like the rear of the car has no mechanical grip what so ever, so you can have as much downforce as you like but without pure mechanical grip the car will never balance correctly.

The only option Williams has is to redesign the car, this will take months and I cant see the car developing to overcome the mechanical grip.

Paddy Lowe regarded as the best in the Business and foe whatever reason the relationship has not worked, Who can Williams employ to better Paddy, simple answer there is nobody.

The News of sir Patrick Head return to the team as a consultant is great news but even the genius of Patrick I don't think the teams fortune can be turned around until the 2020 season

Racing Questions

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